Isabella Tonchi

Isabella Tonchi, an Italian designer born in Milan, got her start as a teenager when designer Elio Fiorucci took her under her wing after seeing her in an outfit she had designed herself out of a fine linen tablecloth at a party in Florence. At Elio Fiorucci Isabella was able to fine tune her craft and was given the opportunity to design clothes for the people of her generation, clothes that were “innocent, yet provocative” (something that is a cornerstone to her designs to this day).

After leaving Fiorucci, Isabella worked as a consultant designer for many leading labels such as Gianni VersaceVersus, and Miu Miu. Isabella set off on her own in 1999 and started her own line in 2002.

For Isabella fashion is the best form of communication; it is how she communicates who she is, her emotions, and what she feels. Mixing provocation with innocence and taking inspiration from the clothing of the 1960’s Isabella Tonchi has created a women’s line that is simple yet refined.

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