R13, an elevated denim-driven brand, R13 debuted in the fall of 2009 in New York City. Its unique and subtle design details are heavily influenced by authentic American traditions and history, specially rooted in the iconic Gadsden flag.  The coiled rattlesnake splayed across the flag represented the original 13 colonies and boasted the motto “Don’t Tread On Me.” – expressive of the R13 character. 


The spirit behind R13 is a juxtaposition of sexy sophistication, effortless finesse and subtle dominance. The luxury brand delivers categories of denim and leather, both of which age with grace, taking on the soul of its wearer and one’s love for it multiplies with time and usage. It is rugged yet chic, while remaining unpretentious and genuine. R13 jeans are made from luxe Italian and Turkish denim and produced in a highly specialized, boutique factory in Italy. 

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