M♥W by Mirit Weinstock

Mirit Weinstock Graduated from Shenkar College in 2002 in fashion design. After graduation she did internships at Alexander McQueen fashion house, the trend magazine "View On Colour", and at "Maison Lanvin" with Alber Elbaz.

In 2004, Mirit launched her own label of ready to wear fashion for women, and in 2011 she launched a new international jewelry brand,  W, a luxury crafts jewelry collection.


Shuttlecock jewelry collection:

The concept for the first jewelry collection is the unique material Mirit chose to work with: the shuttlecock - the feathered ball used in the game of badminton. The shuttlecocks were re-constructed, colored and combined with pleats and knitting to create jewelry. The natural feathers went through Electroforming process - a metal forming which covers the original feathers with silver. Later, the silver feathers are plated gold 18 Karat or oxidized to create a “Silver gun” tone. 


Raffia and Twigs Jewelry collection:
For the Spring 2012 jewelry collection, Mirit chose to work with another unique material : Raffia fibers, a natural rope made from Raffia palm trees in Madagascar and used in traditional textile and packaging. Fascinated by this material, she transformed it into jewelry by braiding, weaving and knitting it and then covering it with silver or gold. More inspiration for this collection was found in branches, twigs, bones, thorns and trees.
Silver "twigs", combined with Amethyst, Citrine or Sapphire stones are at the center of the second group of designs. The twigs are made of 925 silver, silver plated 18K gold or silver gun tone, and carry a gentle and poetic flavor.
The human spine collection:

For Fall 2012 Mirit presented a man and women collections.
The first collection for men is a small concept group, inspired by the human spine, presenting silver neck pieces, brooches and cufflinks. Mirit molded in wax new – modern shapes of the human spine vertebras starting with the first Alfa vertebra and closing with the last one. The wax pieces went through electroforming and been covered in silver.
The Stardust collection:
The inspiration of the Fall 2012 women's collection was found in eyes, tears, the moon, satellites, stardust and the sky at night. Silver domes and octagons covered with enamel are at the center of the first group of the collection. Each piece is covered in enamel powder colors creating shapes that resemble stardust and sky at night. 
The domes are combined with feather eyelashes, chains of tears, sapphire and smoky quartz stones.

The second group of the collection was inspired by the Senecio Daisy's poetic white seed puffs, Pussy-willow branches carrying pretty, fuzzy, furry flowers, and leafs. Mirit created lean silver branches and combined them with stones, fake eyelashes and the original dry furry flowers to create pendants and brooches.
In the collection there are also fake eyelashes dipped in silver and gold. To those attached brooches by threading gold and silver wire. This fusion of inspirations and materials created a colorful and surprising handmade new collection, where each jewelry is unique and singular.

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