A hardcore Viking territory bonds with an aggressive Venice Beach past, when fires and destruction roared and turned piers into teeth under water. Still, there is absolutely nothing pretentious about Skargorn; it's as raw and unspoiled as its catalysts.

Jeans and tees that with deafening simplicity, aggressively primal and instinctual spirit, deliver a modern and timeless product of superior quality. Yet Skargorn still manages to be inclusive in fit, accessible in price and comfortable enough to live in. Black, white & blue — essential, sexual & rock’n’roll like there is no tomorrow.

Skargorn by Rikke Korff and the Korff Kounsil launched Fall 2011, only 11 months after the launch of The Furies, the first label of this group. Rikke Korff is the inventor of the 3D engineered blue-jean by Levi’s, mastermind of Levi’s Red and guilty of turning vintage jean replication into a business category with potential.

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