e.m. is the design duo Eijiro Nakatani and Masayoshi Tobita. Based in Tokyo, these designers embody the Japanese sense of creativity and style, and, at the same time, bring us a global contemporary vision fusing jewelry and art.

Established in 1996, under the concept of ‘creation for happiness’, ‘creation of hasn’t been done’. Disorganization, fun, asymmetry, broken lines and a sometimes damaged look characterize the style of e.m. The modern feel of their collections is always based on high quality luxurious materials. e.m. knows well how to convey to jewelry a high sense of modernity by contrasting the brilliance of precious stones with the strong and mannish style transferred by silver. 

Inspired by contemporary art as well as by vintage spirit, e.m. designers create pieces that have a concept, a soul and an intriguing beauty. e.m. is style, fashion and art.

For these designers, who became partners through friendship and mutual love of their work, and who, through their company, fulfill their deep desire to “just make what they like, no marketing concept behind it,” the idea that the jewels “bring happiness to people” is a regular subject of their conversation.

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