Was born in Paris but his roots are Sicilian. After graduating from Accademia di Costume e di Moda, the renowned Rome’s fashion institute, he begins working at the Fernanda Gattinoni maison, where side by side with the legendary couturier he design an Haute Couture collection. Sylvio was one of the founders of the Grimaldi Giardina brand and after 12 years, he embarked upon a new fashion adventure with his eponymous brand.

Tailoring, tradition, innovation, a never-ending and versatile research/experimentation and a strategy of lines in which the matter elements - textures, structures and embellishments - blend, merge and overlap. These represent the brand’s foundations, prompting an open dialogue and communication with visual arts, another leitmotiv distinguishing the brand’s collections. The research focuses on celebrating the femenine silhouette and its shapes in a sartortial-chic guise, as much as on designing unusual and edgy styles conveying a different elegance, which blends harte couture’s exclusivity, details and tailoring with prêt-a-porter’s wearability, thus creating a demi-couture product.

For Sylvio Giardina, art is the inspiration, fashion the means; they are not separated but they complement each other, by constantly contaminating each other, thus blurring their boundaries.