Vejas was created by Canadian designer Vejas Kruszweski in 2015. Debuting in New York City for AW15 with an intimate off-schedule presentation, Vejas was quickly heralded for it’s independent spirit, and the accessibility of its garments.

Combining common or familiar elements with a twisted sensibility, Vejas aims to pervert the natural to create areas of interest in otherwise uniform garments. The brand was born of a desire to externalize a persona narrativa, and armor himself within it. His design sensibility draws from that inner world and a desire to investigate and expand upon concepts explored season after season.

“… the morality of plump skin and healthy bodies, the uniformity of laid-back stances, and lis that redundantly pronounce individual lifestyle preferences.

I have never been remotely interested in looking like or being in any way a real girl. I don’t like the real girl thing. I believe in idealization for publications. People want to see aspirational images, read about aspirational lives. I don’t care about acceptance. I don’t want to project anything real. I want people to look at my beauty section and want to look like me, to buy the things I like. I want them to want to smell like me even though they can’t smell me through the computer. That’s the point. It’s beauty, babe!”