For sixteen years, Martiniano Lopez Crozet has been half of Los Super Elegantes, a collaborative performance art duo that mixed music, theater and fashion. Following his creative spirit he launchs MARTINIANO, a new Argentinian handmade show line. Using time­honored techniques and quality material Buenos Aires artisans cut, skive, stitch and sew each show by hand.

Because all of MARTINIANO shoes are handmade and not factory manufactures, slight variaciones, marks and imperfections are inherent to the product, and these marks are the evidence of the process. MARTINIANO adheres to the Japanese Wabi­sabi philosophy: An aesthetic centered on simplicity, economy, austerity, rusticity, freshness and understated elegante, in which the slight quirks and anomalies arising from the natural qualities of the material and the craftsmanship are embraced as essential to the uniqueness and elegante of the object.