The Feathered premiered new home in Mexico City.

There’s no place like home, although traveling is a wonderful experience, for us, to have a place in the world to keep the memories, elements and extraordinary feelings, its more than perfection.

The Feathered’s new home is Mexico City. An eclectic city, full of history and innovations that are placed in the eyes of the world. Our arrival in the city comes with a renewed website, our online store with new designers, new ideas and exclusive content that we will make collaborating with the creative minds who are froging new paths and histories in fashion.

Our showroom located in Polanco, Mexico City, adds to our project the launching of talented emerging designers from around the world including Mexico.

Music is a passion, our rebel and rock ‘n’ roll heart is ready to make you have a Feathered style everyday and make fashion in Mexico a revolution from a global perspective.

We welcome you to The Feathered: An escape from the traditional, the conventional and the predictable.

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