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Mexico City is a world of contrasts in many aspects, offers modernista and history that are still evolving. From south to north, this city can impresa with amazing places, that’s why we select some of our favorites for you.

1. Contramar. Located in Colonia Roma, it’s one of the best restaurants when we talk about seafood in the city.

2. EXIT La Libreria. Just a few steps behind Reforma, you will find the perfect library to find new literatura offers, magazines and those books you’ve always wanted.

3. Cine Tonala. If it comes about cinema, this one exhibit the lastest independent and mainstream films, further to satisfy moviegoers, its restaurant features a variety of dishes that you will love.

4. La Casa Azul. This house was inhabited by Frida Kahlo, the artist who trascended with his unique personality and the sublimation of her feelings in each work of art.

5. L’encanto de Lola. A special place in San Angel that renews one of the classic fast dishes in Mexico, famed for its (a)typical tortas.

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