Working within the “made in Italy”.

TF: Are you an easy Person to live with?
JLV: I don’t know, I hope I am! Better to ask that question to someone who has lived with me.

Professionally, what was the best teaching Milan gave you?
There are so many! But I think to work under the “Made in Italy” and to absorb the aesthetic, vision and professionalism which the international fashion industry lives with.

Are you a good role model?
I’m always trying to be a better version of me. We are humans and have flaws, I don’t want to harm in any way, I don’t drink, smoke and do not use drugs. I am a defender of animal rights and the planet.

I’m a teacher and I like to pass on what I’ve learned. I like to have and promote social awareness. But I don’t know if I qualify as a “role model” but I know that it would fill me up with satisfaction to inspire something good somewhere.

Who is your role model?
My family

Has anyone guided our inspired you to develop your work?
My family has guided and inspired me and I always find inspiration in this amazing world in which we live.

In your creation process, do you prefer being alone or having people around?
I get inspired being alone

What was it that motivated you to be a fashion designer?
More than inspiration, I believe that creativity somehow always formed part of me. But perhaps what helped me define the direction where to focus my creativity, were my first encounters with fashion, as Ensa Klensch program con CNN’s “Style with Elsa Klensch” and Tim Blanks with “Fashion File” to who also I deeply admire.

How is your creative process when designing a collection?
It varies, I usually like to start researching on topics that are interesting to me, can be from one of the frontrunners, of electronic music as Delia Debyshaire for Spring/Summer 12, until the collection for Fall/Winter 14 in which the subject questions the uncertainty viewed from two major questions and concerns on the contemporary world: love and aspiration. Inspired by two huge italian muses like Paty Pravo and Mina, the movie “Barefoot in the park” and references by Frederick De Wilde, with his “Uncertain Relations” (between position and momentum)” and that provides and “edge” and forces cuts and silhouettes. After an interesting study, I procede with the search for materials that match and are interesting and suitable for the collection. From this point I start to create.

Do you sketch?
Of course!

What are you offering the world with your designs?
My aesthetic visiĆ³n which I believe is relevant today. My cultural background is the result of two very different worlds as America and Europe, when they merge they create and provide me with an incredible and unique source of inspiration and reference, then I create my own point of view.

How is the woman that you dress?
The woman who wears Valadez is a female citizen of the world. Besides having a large capacity to understand beauty and its evolution into the present. She is culturally active and intelligent and concerned of the world in one way or another.

She is elegant and sofisticated, but always with a “twist” and “coolnes” that revitalize in a very particular and actual way her own style, making her unique.

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