The creation of new realities.

TF: When did you knew you wanted to be a designer?
LP: When I was child I wanted to be a writer. I composed fairy tales and made sketches. Now, nothing has changed. When I created a collection in first time I write a magic story which stand the foundation for the collection. I prefer not to be called a designer, but an artist, because it is a full concept.


Could LES’ be created somewhere else but Russia?
I think so. Because I feel myself like inhabitant with no concrete country, but inhabitant of world and universe. Although Russia, Russian forest and culture heritage left a mark on my work, of course.

What does Russia mean to Lesia?
Is my home country, where my friends and parents live. But I don’t like the modern Russia, I miss that Russia in which were born people such as Tchaikovsky and Vasnetsov.

When does this creativity comes alive in you? How does ordinary come alive and you make it into extraornidary?
I am not looking for inspiration, usually, it finds me itself. My mind are generated images that I can’t control, they come to me as vision.

What is your biggest inspiration?
Plants, animals, forest, dreams, movies, music and great people.

How do you imagine yourslef in 10 years from now?
With LES’, a brand that produces clothing, furniture, toys, books, etc.

Music is part of our DNA, is music part of your life?
Music is my soul. I adore musicants. In fact me and my husband collect different magical instruments and compose music.

There are so many¬†quites in fashion, what is Lesia Paramonova’s quote for style or fashion?
If you don’t like this reality, you can create your own. Fashion will help you to relax and recincarnated in any character.

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