Beyond the basic.

Denim is a cotton fabric that has its origins in Europe during the Middle Age. But its most popular origin is with Levi Strauss, who patents his famouse indigo color and started to produce garments for workers. Over time, Levi Strauss’s overall began to be worn as a casual garment, evolving to what we know as jeans.

One of the biggest impulse moments in the history of denim, occured when the actor James Dean appeared on the big screen wearing jeans on the film Rebel without a cause in 1955, which popularize the garment and gradually became a basic for women and men.

No doubts jeans immortalized denim and made it one of the most chameleonic and timeless pieces. In the same way, some music stars as Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Patti Smith immortalized their image wearing denim, creating an entire statement in fashion, which has been inspiration for many fashion brands in the industry.

Many designers and brands have transgressed the basic use of denim as a big gamble, experimenting with color, finishing and creating new garments with this fabric.

The Feathered, following these new expressions, brings to SS15 season, two collections that will drive mad to any denim lover. Eckhaus Latta with a collection full of geometric cuts and fresh silhouettes dominated by blue colors, and Timur Kim’s collection in which he transforms the basics like jeans and vests into pieces that recall artworks of Mondrian.


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