Bringing a very personal touch to men’s tailoring and intricate construction, the 22/4 Spring/Summer 2013 women’s wear collection by Stephanie Hahn is the expression of a modern woman’s wardrobe in a time of global reappraisal.

A desire to create the clothes and being driven by an attention to detail with an eye for craft, quality and modern luxury. Inspired by the photographers August Sander and Irving Penn visuals of workers clothes and Edward Steichens unique early color printing palette. A sleek but not tight cut giving the wearer a sense of ease and leeway. But taken a step further 22/4 allows a peak behind the curtain of traditional tailoring techniques by using insight techniques outside to get an inside out effect. It is a distillation of the classic menswear in a feminine style that has long developed at 22/4.

The clothes are created within a framework of logic and efficiency, one based on a deep knowledge of traditional tailoring savoir-faire. The garments are constructed with the often hidden details being exposed and reinventing silhouettes with a twist, always in superior fabrics. Traditional men’s fabrics in wool, cotton, and linen mixed with feminine jersey and silks in a palette of black, navy, sand, beige, grey, orange, ivory and white. Footwear: Jelly sandals in orange, smoked transparent tones and black embellished in a exclusive collaboration with Heaven Tanudiredja. Building on 22/4’s tailoring foundation, next spring also sees the introduction of a separate evening formalwear section, taking its cues from the tuxedo and the classic after-eight codes of black and white also including evening gowns in soft jersey and light menswear shirt fabrics.

22/4 is based upon the idea of redrawing the parameters that define and divide men’s and women’s fashion. The basic mathematical equation 2+2=4 in an industry where exacting measurements and technical proportions form the foundation indicates 22/4’s high quality demand the brand has. The label’s discreetly luxurious gender-liberalized style is the principle and base of each collection and always based on reinterpreted traditional masculine tailoring techniques. It is a distillation of the classical men’s wear style that characterize 22/4’s identity. Superior Italian fabrics meet pioneering construction imbued with a reverence for age-old skills drawn primarily from the world of men’s tailoring. The desire to create clothes and being driven by an attention for details with an eye for craft, quality and modern luxury are the engine of the creative director, Stephanie Hahn. After gaining valuable experience working in Berlin Stephanie Hahn decided to launch her own label in Düsseldorf. There she is working with a core of high skilled staff to create 22/4’s hand-tailored, precise crafted clothes.

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